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Are You Ready?

Clearing Your Fear Blocks To Create A Life You Love

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? First Awakenings is a blend of simple, playful, deep and sometimes dark stories. It is a truly unique collection particularly because each story comes with the added bonus of ‘Guidance From The Other Side.’ This comes in the form of the angelic being named IRIA.

IRIA provides a broadstroke of wisdom for each theme explored in the stories. In the excerpt from the book below, the theme is Meditate to Elevate. You will see from IRIA’s insightful guidance at the end of the story, that we get to choose how we engage with life and with the world. Subscribe to be one of the first to be notified when the book is released or Pre-Order your copy now.


Meditate to Elevate

Are you being busy just to avoid some painful memory?


Warming his hands over the fire, Ebb felt his mind begin to wander. He settled back into his favourite seat and let the thoughts flow randomly through his mind. He had been trying to make an effort recently to just sit and be still. No intention beyond being still and letting his mind wander where it may.

Ebb did not have a natural inclination to be still, far from it. In fact, he spent his days being deliberately busy. Either busily doing nothing or filling his time with endless chores, tasks and distractions.

Noise, he thought, calmed him. So he made sure he had plenty of noise around him at all times. It might be the television blaring in the corner, or the mindless chatter of sports commentators on the radio. It might be the drone of power tools, as he did seemingly endless DIY tasks around his home.

That was, of course, when he wasn’t working. At work he buried his head in the daily mounds of paperwork and shared superficial details about his life. If he was really bored, he allowed himself to be titillated by the latest office gossip. He would do anything to avoid the silence.

Ebb didn’t know that’s what he was doing. He only knew that silence felt very empty, slightly threatening and vaguely disturbing. If for some reason, he did find himself having to deal with moments of silence, Ebb quickly became unnerved by the feelings of disgruntlement and sadness that seemed to come up out of nowhere.

It wasn’t that Ebb wasn’t an introspective guy – he was, very. But his idea of introspection was letting his mind constantly ruminate, excavate and angst over the people in his life or the situations he found himself in. All this introspection with no resolution, tended to drive Ebb crazy.

Yet for some reason in the last couple of weeks, he felt a need to just be still and breathe. He still tried to delay those periods of stillness however by finding odd jobs to do, paperwork to catch up on, or emails to write..



Despite these avoidance tactics, eventually, he’d run out of distractions and would feel the urge to just sit and be still. It was as if he was hearing a voice calling from within: ‘Ebb…Ebb… I am here… I am here…’ It was a distant voice, fleetingly there and just as quickly gone.

Tonight, as he sat in his favourite armchair, Ebb allowed his eyes to close and let his mind drift where it may. Suddenly, he had a flash of insight. It was something to do with a problem he was having at work. Immediately, Ebb could see the solution.

This solution was perfect. It was simple, elegant and doable, with very little effort required. He thought: Where did that come from? and swore he heard the answer: ‘From Me.’ Yet just as quickly, he decided he must have imagined it.

Then an image of his father came into his head. It was so crystal clear that Ebb was startled. His father had meant the world to him and had passed away over 5 years before. Ebb couldn’t understand why his father would flash into his mind now.

Again, he heard a voice. It was actually more like an impression of a voice, rather than an actual voice, and it seemed to be coming from a distance; from very far away. It said: ‘It is time to look at the pain of your loss. It is time to look at your choices.’

Ebb didn’t like the thought of that at all. He opened his eyes and shot up from the armchair. Quickly grabbing his coat from the hallway, he ran out of the house in search of major distractions.

He was grateful for the busyness of the streets, for the cars hurtling past and the fluorescent lights that meant there was never any real darkness; even on the darkest of nights.



Passing a bar full of people with music blaring, Ebb stood outside and watched the people inside curiously. They seemed animated, hyped and noisy. He headed in as if pulled by a magnet. Navigating the hordes of people at the bar, he ordered himself a large shot of whisky. It was only as he took the first sip that he remembered this was his father’s favourite drink. Whisky over ice, plain and simple.

His father had been a plain and simple man in the best sense of the word. He’d been very straightforward and direct with a no-nonsense attitude to life. Now here was Ebb, in a noisy bar, randomly drinking the very same drink his father loved.

Ebb never normally ordered or drank whisky, he was more of a wine man. He liked nothing better than to sit down and savour a delicious glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. That didn’t seem either appropriate or even possible, in this bar.

Nonetheless, the whisky began to soothe him as he sipped. His rational mind was still trying to explain the peculiar experience he’d had earlier in the evening. The alcohol was allowing him to reduce the impact of seeing his father in his mind’s eye and hearing those distant accompanying words.



Ebb surveyed the room and caught the eye of a slim but strong-looking dark-haired woman. She looked to be in her mid-thirties and had a very direct gaze that drew him into her energy. He returned her gaze. She inclined her head slightly as if to say: Come over here if you like what you see.

Ebb felt magnetically drawn towards her. He got up and crossed the busy room-still holding her gaze. He effortlessly threaded his way through seeming throngs, of people. Their arms waved energetically in the air. Their voices sounded strangely shrill and yet somehow distant from him. Ebb continued to hold her gaze. As he finally reached her, he felt the energy magnetizing around them. 

Slowly reaching out her hand she said: ‘Hi, I’m Penelope, and you are?’

Ebb told her his name. She didn’t remark like many did, how unusual his name was.

Instead, she quipped, ‘So, would you like to get in the flow, Ebb?’

He laughed aloud and said flirtatiously, ‘That certainly sounds like an appealing idea. What do you have in mind exactly?

She drew close to him and whispered in his ear, ‘Inner Work.’

Somehow Ebb knew exactly what she meant. He also knew that it had something to do with his strange experiences earlier in the night. He was a little dismayed but still tried to appear nonchalant. He continued on in flirting mode.

‘I would certainly like to get in the flow with you.’ He responded suggestively.

‘Then you shall.’ she replied.

She turned slowly and deliberately away from him and began moving to the music.

She danced sensuously and yet seemed completely removed from everything around her. She danced as if she were moving deep inside her own inner world.

She turned back towards him and beckoned him to join her. He, somewhat awkwardly, started rocking from side to side in rhythm to the music.

She began to circle him and leaned forwards to again whisper in his ear: ‘You are your own teacher, your own guide. You have the potential to access deeper knowledge; higher realms.’

Each sentence was delivered rhythmically and deliberately. Each word entered him viscerally; imprinting their deepest meaning on his mind.

For some reason, as strange as all this was, Ebb didn’t feel uneasy. He felt relaxed and strangely peaceful. It felt as if nothing could happen that he didn’t want to happen. The melding of their energies felt deeply soothing to him. He was later to find out that her name Penelope, meant weaver. Which seemed very appropriate as he watched her dancing towards him, weaving her magical spell.



The other sounds in the room began to fade as he became caught up in her and the music. At one point he grabbed her around her waist, pulling her to him but she pulled away. She seemed intent on flowing in her own energy unhampered. Yet she’d lean into him periodically and whisper softly into his ear, repeating her earlier phrases.

He was saddened to see her walk away as soon as the music ended he rushed to follower her. He caught up with her just as she was leaving the bar.

She hadn’t looked back once.

Ebb breathlessly spoke. ‘Why are you leaving? Do you have to go? You know I’d like to see you again.’

‘You will.’ She replied with certainty.

Penelope reached into her bag and pulled out a card. The card read: Inner Work Meditation Class with Penelope Weaver. It had on it a phone number and venue and website addresses. The class, according to the card, was at a venue only a few minutes away from his home. Ebb thought it must be a joke. What were these weird coincidences?

As he looked up Penelope was heading out the door.

He asked with a hint of desperation in his voice, ‘Who are you?’ as he watched her purposefully walk away.

She suddenly stopped, then turned and looked at him for what seemed like forever. 

She spoke quietly, ‘I am your sacred inner voice and I am very pleased to meet you.’ Then she turned and walked away again.

Though the streets were crowded and the noise of the bar was blaring around him, Ebb heard her words with crystal clarity.



Ebb heard the crackle of the logs in the fire, drawing him back to his room. He was exactly where he’d been when he first closed his eyes! Had it all been a dream? It had seemed so real and yet so ethereal at the same time. This was all too much!
To put his mind at ease, he reached for his laptop and began searching the web for Inner Work Meditations and Penelope Weaver. The website address on the card Penelope had given him wasn’t valid and kept giving an Error 404 message.

He continued to search and click through links. The search revealed that there was indeed an Inner Work meditation class just as he’d seen in his illusion, or dream – Ebb didn’t know what to call it. But this class was a few miles away. He clicked on the website link and scrolled down the page. He was looking for a picture of whoever was leading the class.

He found one. There was a picture. It was of a woman. Her name, he discovered, was Penny Johnson-but she didn’t look anything like the woman in his dream.

Ebb marvelled at the strangeness of it all. Something was clearly happening to him. That something was greater and weirder than he had ever experienced before. A question popped into his mind at that moment, and it felt like a distant voice:

Was he truly ready to open up and find out more and go deeper still?

Was he really ready to get into the flow of life in ways he didn’t know were possible until now?

As he pondered his answer to these questions, an image of his father flashed into his mind. This time the old man was smiling. He was sitting at the river’s edge, fishing with a much younger Ebb, who was holding a child’s fishing net and dipping it gently in the water.

Ebb felt his eyes well up with tears. He realised he had never really grieved his father’s death. In fact, he could trace the beginning of his manic busyness back to the day his father died.

He understood now that it was time to look at his loss. He needed to get in touch with and feel his feelings. All these strange happenings appeared to be calling him inwards. Not simply to grieve his father’s death but towards something more. Perhaps calling him towards greater peace and ease in his life. Ebb somehow just knew this, he didn’t know how he knew it, but it felt true.

Putting his laptop down on the table beside him, Ebb rose from the chair and jotted down both the number from the website and the address of the meditation class. He then put out the fire, switched off the lights and headed up the stairs to no doubt dream again of the incredible Penelope Weaver.


IRIA’s Guidance


Realigning with your true self is the only purpose of meditation. You are here in this earthly realm on a quest of remembering your true nature, of reintegrating your disparate parts, and celebrating who you truly are. Celebrating daily as each false belief about yourself is dismantled and reconfigured into the truth of your being.

The practice of meditation,of going within, elevates your consciousness to greater heights, to greater levels of self awareness. How you meditate is up to you. What you gain from meditation is the work of Source. Yet in taking the time to be fully present in whatever form of meditation you use, you begin to allow Source energy to move through you.

You allow it to work with you, to create a life that is more peaceful, loving and fulfilling. You allow it to create a life where you start to become less reactive to your outer circumstances and instead, begin to allow your life to unfold in perfection.

This then becomes a life where the energies of synchronicity and serendipity feel more natural to you. A life where difficult or painful life circumstances are seen for what they truly are: Opportunities to grow. Opportunities for learning at deeper and deeper levels.

Meditation is not a magic pill that cures all ills, but it is an essential tool in remembering the truth of your nature. A nature that exists, beyond the limited circumstances of the earthly realm.



The inner stillness that you seek, is the stillness out of which worlds were borne. The same stillness that is capable of creating galaxies and Universes. There is undeniable power and presence within that stillness. Seek it as it is seeking you. For all disparate energies are part of the One vibration, remembering Itself.

We see that many of you continue to fear that stillness equals feelings of boredom and emptiness, but we assure you that the stillness we are alluding to, is Full. Powerful. Dynamic; in its peacefulness. It is what all your efforting is for in this world.

You seek the peace that cannot be disturbed and we say: Go within, go within, go within. There you will find what you seek. We wish this for you. We wish you to know, we have very much love for you.



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