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Can You Trust Your Intuition? Yve Anmore

Can You Trust Your Intuition?

— Intuition is a term that’s often used, and we all think we know what it means. But let’s look at the actual definition of intuition before we go on to explore if you can trust yours or not. The Cambridge English Dictionary describes intuition as: 1. (knowledge from) an ability to understand or know…
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We Are the Spiritual Ego

The spiritual ego is the part of us that is ‘trying’ to know who it really is.

Are You Ready?

A blend of simple, playful, deep and sometimes dark stories.

A Conversation With Yve Anmore

Beyond my title of spiritual life coach, I call myself the Shadow Revealer.

How Do You Know When You've Completed A Soul Lesson?

How Do You Know When You’ve Completed A Soul Lesson?

Prior to that, there may have still been a wailing and a gnashing of teeth in your responses.

Your Soul Knows Better Than You What You Are Here to Do

It will keep pushing you out of your comfort zone, nudging you in the direction of your purpose.

Sensitive People Are the Emotional Barometers of the World

Especially when humanity is experiencing things that cause so much global hurt and outrage.

matrix movie empowered my inner neo

The Matrix Movie Empowered My Inner Neo and Supported My Inner Journey

I loved The Matrix movie series. Mainly movie no.1 in the series. It spoke to me at so many levels.

Your Words Matter

They define how you experience life.