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How Do You Know When You’ve Completed A Soul Lesson?

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How Do You Know When You’ve Completed A Soul Lesson?

How Do You Know When You've Completed A Soul Lesson?

When you understand that you’re here on a soul journey how you view your life changes and that includes the lessons you came here to learn.

On a soul journey, the most traumatic and the most sublime events are seen as opportunities to grow, deepen or heal. When situations and relationships have run their course, you accept that and allow yourself to let go and move on.

How do you know when you’ve completed a soul lesson? There is a feeling of completion and completeness. Prior to that, there may have still been a wailing and a gnashing of teeth in your responses. You hadn’t yet learned what you were meant to learn so you kept creating or recreating situations and scenarios that would eventually lead you to this sense of completeness.

When a situation is complete the soul lesson becomes crystal clear. There’s no need to spend hours, days, weeks or years processing anything. The lesson itself is the healing. It brings with it clarity and peace in its own right. Until you were able to accept that lesson, the clarity and peace eluded you.

Beware of transient moments of clarity presenting themselves as completion.

You can certainly have insights and shifts in a situation and still not have fully learned your soul lesson. And, this is key, you cannot look to another person’s life to compare your lessons to theirs. We are here on a unique soul path. What is completion for one, may just be the start of deepening for another.

Soul lessons do not follow the laws of the 3D world. Seeking approval, being like everyone else, acting like everyone else, achieving the same things as everyone else, are an anathema to our soul. It is spiritual growth and honouring your unique expression that is at stake here. There may be patterns and signatures to soul growth that seem familiar, but the way each lesson is presented, learned and completed, is unique to us.

It may not make a lot of sense to someone looking in from the outside when you are actively following your soul’s path. In fact, others may consider you crazy and will try to diminish you for going against the grain. Let them. This is your journey, not theirs.

When you no longer believe in 3D reality.

Similarly, if you see someone who fully believes in the 3D experience above all else, and it causes you frustration, your lesson is to let them be and trust that they will learn their own soul lessons when they are meant to.

If you are in their world during this process, you impart what you came to impart and then you move on. You, in turn, learn what they had to teach about where you were fully believing in some aspect of 3D reality. Then, seeing them as a mirror for that, you too can move on.

The peace that is experienced when the soul lesson is understood and/or completed is not a transient peace. It is a peace that will not change with the tides of life. It is a peace that grows and deepens and impacts other areas of your life positively.

Your soul journey has its own measures.

Your soul journey is not measured in earthly birthdays. You can learn some soul lessons as an infant, and you can avoid learning some soul lessons until the day you die. Our soul is not age, race, gender or sexuality, bound. It is not limited to these rigid and incomplete measures of who we are.

You can be rich or poor, educated or ignorant, African, European, Asian or South American, disabled or able-bodied. None of these limits you or gives you an advantage when it comes to soul lessons. In fact, everything can be used to show you that you as a soul, go beyond all of these things.

So knowing when to let go and when a lesson is complete, will require you to go beyond these measure of who you think you are. It will require you to see past your stories about life and how it should be, to what’s really happening. It takes a willingness to rise above what you think you know to see what’s really true. And when you do, your soul lesson lets you know that you have graduated – at least from that particular untruth.

The soul being timeless and ageless will always have more lessons for us to learn, that is one thing you can be sure of. But celebrate each step of the journey because it is all leading you to exactly where you need to be in order to learn what you need to learn.


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