Create A Life You Love

Clearing Your Fear Blocks So You Can Take Aligned, Effortless, Empowered, Action!

"I have already referred several people and will continue to do so because the results are tangible and swift. From the very beginning things began shifting in ways that were out of the ordinary. My business has taken on a new direction that is fresh and exciting and continues to delight me with compounding coincidental occurrences, leading to an unknown yet trusted level of visibility and success. Thank you YVE for being the witness and championing me through the tight spots with your Penetrating Love, Wisdom and Intuitive Grand Slams!" Cyndi Silva


In Create A Life You Love, The Focus Is Firmly On You!

What are you trying to create?

What are you hoping to express?

How are you being called to heal and grow?

What makes you feel inspired?

How can you most easily tap into your intuition

What connects you best with your inner knowing?

What life strategies come naturally to you?

What connects you with your vision most easefully?

And the biggie...

What fear blocks are running interference?

Together, this and more we shall discover...

There are two options for taking CALYL: 6 Week Exploration or 12 week Deep Dive.

Both options address the questions above in different ways. The one you choose will be based on four considerations:

1.How quickly and easily do you tend to process change?

2. How much do you enjoy diving deep?

3. Is what you're trying to create a life changing and long term goal?

4.What is your budget and your need for extensive hands on support?

Create A Life You LoveFor example, if your goal is to get a promotion, end or start a relationship, or make a key change in a specific but not overly challenging area of your life, then the 6 week option might be perfect for you.

If however, your desire is to uplevel your business, take on a creative project that requires long term commitment, or dive deep into a difficult area of your personal or spiritual life, then you may benefit more from the 3 month Deep Dive!

You don't have to make a decision about the option that's right for you on your own, that's why I'm here! We can arrange a chat to see what kind of support best suits you and what it is you're hoping to create.

First read through the gallery below to find out a bit moreĀ  about Create A Life You Love and see if you really feel a resonance and a calling to engage in this journey with me.

"Yve, I am eternally grateful for having had the pleasure and the good fortune to work with you. I have come out of these several weeks with a new idea of my gift(s) and ready to move forward. Discovering the wounds, the blocks and how success can look for me has catapulted me into marvellous ways of thinking and being. I am recognizing the messages coming in and have touched on new awareness. Thank you for being you. Thank you for coming. You are indeed a treasure. You have given me the opportunity to find the treasure within myself as well. There are no accidents!" M. Beck


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