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Are You Dealing with Problems or Possibilities?

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Are You Dealing with Problems or Possibilities?

We’ve all got problems, even Jay Z is known for having 99. And if that mega-mogul can accept that he has problems, then we all can. All problems are not equal in their impact, but they do have certain things in common. The main commonality is that our problems can be viewed as either burdens or possibilities.

Possibilities sound much better, don’t they? Here is a situation which requires a response and there are multiple possibilities for how to resolve it. This is in stark contrast to: here is a problem that I need to fix or that I don’t know how to fix.

It’s all about energy.

How we perceive our problems has a big impact on how we resolve them. What does that have to do with energy? Well, our emotional responses are energetic in nature. Our emotions feel heavy or light, good or bad. That is, they have a frequency, a signature that we can measure.

Our perception of things determines which emotions get activated, and therefore also determine what frequency we’re emitting or tapping into at that moment. If you have a financial burden for example, how you perceive that burden will then determine how effectively you respond.

You might want to start with removing the word burden first of all, as that as a very heavy frequency to it. When you feel burdened with something you’re already in a certain mindset. And that mindset will not allow as many possibilities or solutions as the mindset of commitment or responsibility. Having a financial commitment, for example, does not automatically bring up heavy emotions in you.

Tapping into possibilities.

When you see every problem as an opportunity to grow, shift or heal something within you, then you open yourself up to the energy of possibility. Possibilities create questions. Questions such as:

  • I wonder if this would work?
  • What would happen if I tried this?
  • What solution am I not seeing that’s here, right now?
  • Who can I contact to get help with this?

These questions create even more possibilities. That’s because possibilities are about expansiveness and opportunity. So if you’re facing 1 or ninety-nine problems, why not try tapping into the energy of possibility? And then see what answers come to the questions that naturally arise from this space.

This article was previously published at the Good Men Project

Photo Credit: Image by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash


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