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From Mistakes to Risk Takes

Awakened Coaching: Clearing Your Fear Blocks so You Can Create A Life You Love

From Mistakes to Risk Takes

We shy away from going after our dreams, because of a deeply embedded fear of making mistakes.

What if? Becomes our pre-strike lament:

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I lose money?
  • What if the business fails?
  • What if I lose the love of my life?
  • What if I lose the love of my family?
  • What if I end up broke, alone, homeless?

These noisy mind questions are designed to keep us stuck or playing safe. That is their purpose and function.

Entrepreneurs, healers, mavericks and artists are natural risk-takers.

If you’re an entrepreneur, healer, artist, creative or maverick type, you’re already predisposed to risk-taking. You have that imprint to take risks embedded in your DNA. Subsequently, that’s when you feel most alive when you tap into that part of you.

Following this path may not always feel safe. But what you will feel is more alive, more on purpose, more in a place of passion for life. For the mavericks, entrepreneurs, creatives, healers or artists of the world, this is the breath of life.

Paradoxically, it’s that innate love of risk-taking and willingness to make mistakes, that’s at the root of your success. In going to the edge of your comfort zone and deciding if you’re ready to take the leap, you’re already tapping into your power. Yes, just by going to the edge and taking a peek.

It’s from that space of willingness that new ideas come. It’s from that zone of possibility and potential that solutions arise. They do not arise out of the endlessly tried and tested. They don’t arise out of the safe, the measured and the approved of. Yes, they can be found there, but they do not arise from there.

Pioneers naturally go beyond parameters.

Whatever is now in our world that is perceived as tried and tested, originally arose out of a space of risk. It came from a willingness to look at things or life, in new ways. It emerged out of a willingness to go beyond previous tried and tested parameters, to see what else was possible.

Over time those pioneering efforts became the tried, tested and safe. They became the things that everyone in society did, said or agreed upon. And as they did, those new things began to lose their vibrancy. Our evolution comes from our vibrancy, originality and desire to be authentic.

Life itself is about ever-expanding possibility and potential. It’s about breathing the new into the old. It is merging the traditional, with the innovative, and seeing what good can be created from that new blueprint.

So wherever you’re wanting to take a risk in your life, rejoice! Wherever you’re wanting to create something that seems a little too risky or out there to feel safe; enjoy!

As the innate risk taker that you are, you’re on the right track. The space of strategic risk-taking works best for you. You get to create and review your mistakes. You get to work out the kinks and turn them into calculated risk takes.

Mistakes can simply be blueprints.

Any real mistakes can be rectified, learned from and improved upon. They can be used as blueprints for new ways of doing, seeing and being. If you have a pioneering, entrepreneurial or visionary spirit, then you know this is true. Just like you know that breathing in, leads to breathing out. So when you’re not following your desires and taking calculated risks, life can feel very stagnant to you.

Look at where you are now, and where you say you wish to be. Whether that’s creating a new product, multiplying your income, or tapping into greater healing possibilities. Maybe it’s creating a new piece of art or music, writing elegant prose or poetry, or offering a new service. Whatever it is; see where you can be proactive about it.

Turn a potential mistake into a calculated risk-take by acting from your right brain. Tap into your intuition and inspiration and then let the logical mind take those inspired next steps.

Have a plan b, c, d, or e, if necessary. Know that there is nothing done, that cannot be undone. There’s nothing wrong that cannot be rectified or improved upon, as long as there is breath in your body. Enjoy the game and the play of life. Embrace the risk-taking spirit that you are.

Photo Credit: Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash


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