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Guest Blogging

Yve Anmore: Writer, Speaker, Spiritual CoachYou can find the links to my guest blogging posts on this page.

I currently have the privilege to write guest blogs for: The Good Men Project, The Wellness Universe and Sivana East.

You can find links to recent, topical or popular articles on each of these great platforms, below.

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My intention is always to see if I can support someone, somewhere, to let go of a limiting story or belief through my sharing.


The Good Men Project:

10 Things Old White Men Need To Learn From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (And they'd better make it quick!

AOC is a new breed of politician. Firstly, she’s the only politician that is instantly recognizable by her initials alone. Secondly, at 29, she’s the youngest female ever elected to Congress. Then there’s her Bronx-bred fighting spirit, that sends the old guard running for the hills. Quite literally in some cases. (More on that later.)

She is indeed a rare breed. A natural leader who’s not afraid to speak up for those without a voice. A social media savvy politician, that doesn’t need to write in all caps. A relatable and passionate speaker that doesn’t play by the normal rules of engagement. She’s a leader for the new age, a leader who speaks to fresh-faced millennials and weary activists in turn. Read Full Article 



Relationship RiftHow To Be At Peace With Relationship Rifts (Whether they're a positive or negative experience, relationships have the power to impact us powerfully.)

Like Relationships are powerful. Whether they’re a positive or negative experience, they have the power to impact us powerfully. And it is indeed when they are at their best or their worst, that we’re most affected. When they’re just ‘blah’ we can take ’em or leave ’em!

So in a way, our relationship rifts are very engaging to us. They provide endless fuel for the noisy mind to ruminate, ponder upon, and explore – especially our difficult or toxic relationships. Especially in the wee hours of the morning, when we most need to get our rest.

Nope, the mind says, I’ve got your bloody attention now and I’m not shutting up! And then it goes on to share every detail of the dysfunction:  Read Full Article 

This article was first published here on my site.


Stepping Into The Mind of a Blue Collar Trump Supporter (Like many during the 2016 election, I was glued to the Presidential Campaign.)

Like many during the 2016 election, I was glued to the Presidential Campaign. I took note of the sound bites from Trump rallies that to me reflected a much darker truth than just Trump and his antics. His most vociferous supporters, the ones who are the most fervent in their belief that only Trump can save America, are the ones who got my attention.

Not because of their stridency, or their often abusive language. Nor was it their denial of Trump’s incendiary language. My attention was brought to the voice within them that represent those spaces within us all. Read Full Article



When Being Yourself Makes Others Feel Unsafe (Is it Our Responsibility to Put Others at Ease?)

Those whose have a physicality, skin colour or gender that doesn’t match another’s safe and trusted blueprint, often  tread a fine line. They have a choice to make. They can either adjust themselves to make another feel safe, or be themselves and deal with someone else’s fear stories about them.

If we’re not actually being physically or verbally threatening, should we have to soften our features or change our demeanour, to put someone else at ease? Is this our social responsibility? If it is, when do we get a break from these burdensome expectations?. Read Full Article



Has The Alpha Male Had His Day?Has The Alpha Male Had His Day? (The alpha male has been for centuries what most men admire or aspired to be!)

The Protector. The Provider. The Leader. These concepts have long been attached to men and masculinity. The alpha male has for centuries been what most men admired or aspired, to be. Much of this admiration was initially focused on physical attributes. These went a long way in causing other men to perceive a man as alpha in status. A tall man, with broad shoulders and a deep voice, was seen as the epitome of male power.

But let’s break that down. The tall aspect was not something this man had to strive to achieve. Similarly the broad shoulders, they too were given to him genetically; handed down without a payment request. No effort was required for him to achieve his height and breadth. So where’s the alpha in that? The deep voice? Same thing. Read Full Article



The World Is In A State Of Integration: (And it isn't always pretty!)

We can see this integration playing out on a personal, societal and global level. The current obvious players in the integration drama in the West – the U.S. And the U.K are demonstrating beautifully, what that state of flux looks like. The old guard refusing to make way for the new. The corruption and prejudice at the heart of government and wider society, displayed for all to see.

The state of integration highlights everything that needs to change in our world (both personally and globally.) What was hidden comes to light. What needs to be released comes up to be seen, felt and processed. The conflicting viewpoints that we hold become glaringly obvious. A change is trying to emerge and in order for that change to manifest fully, there can be no stone unturned, no shadow left hiding from the light. Read Full Article



Spirituality, Identity and GenderSpirituality, Identity and Gender: (Are we our identities?)

I have long been fascinated with identity and spirituality. I went on a lifelong quest to discover what identity is and isn’t. And as a black, bisexual, woman, I had ample concepts of my own to explore!

There are as we know, numerous rules of engagement for men and women across the globe. Whether those rules are cultural, sub-cultural, religious or societal, they’re there. Add race, sexuality, and class into the mix and the rules of engagement became even more pressurized and/or restrictive. Read Full Article


The Wellness Universe:

We Are All Too Sensitive! 

You're Too Sensitive. That's Your Problem! If you’re considered to be the sensitive type then you’ve no doubt heard the above phrase before, perhaps many times. The problem with this type of broad statement is that there is no real defining measure of what being too sensitive is or isn’t.

To have an ego is to be too sensitive. The ego is always sniffing out who is trying to attack it, either preparing to defend itself against attack or busy finding ways to attack others to keep itself safe. However, we don’t always recognise when we’re on the attack. Which is probably why we also don’t realise why we’re getting what we deem an overly sensitive response from another. Read Full Article


A Spiritual Ritual For Self Honouring: 

To be self-honouring is an essential aspect of your emotional and spiritual well-being. It opens you up to being more peaceful and balanced in your responses to life. Honouring yourself allows you to expand and deepen your connection to others by causing you to be more accepting of how they love, live, and express.

As you allow more of who you are, both human and divine, to express authentically through honouring yourself, you deepen on your spiritual path. You actively invite the energies of synchronicity and flow into your experience by choosing to honour your authentic needs and wants. You naturally begin to compare yourself less to others as you gain greater confidence in your own unique path.

 Read Full Article


Success Is Everywhere!Success Is Everywhere: 

Think about it. Look around you. Look at your own life as an example. Where in your life do you think you are currently failing? Don’t be ashamed to look at it and name it. We all have some area of our lives where we feel as if we haven’t achieved what we wanted to, or are not doing as well as we would like.

Take the example of the person who is stuck in what they consider to be a dead-end job. They wake up with no pep in their step, no joy in their heart, as they dress themselves for work. Every day feels like either drudgery or routine. It’s not the worst job in the world they say to themselves. It pays the bills. It keeps the wolves from the door. It gets me out of the house.

 Read Full Article


Sivana East:

Depression And The Spiritual Journey: 

There are many who experience regular depressive episodes that come about as a result of the letting go that is part and parcel of the spiritual journey. Not everyone may experience spiritual depression, but for those who do, it can often be a symptom of releasing unhelpful stories and emotions that no longer serve us or match who we are becoming. In the context of the spiritual journey, depression often comes about because there is already a feeling of difference and otherness, from those who embrace mainstream thinking and doing. Read Full Article




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