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Law of Attraction: Alignment = Knowing

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Law of Attraction: Alignment = Knowing

Law of Attraction - Alignment = Knowing

Law of Attraction

When reading about or listening to experts in the Law of Attraction, you often hear the term being in alignment with your desires. It's used a lot in spiritual circles when it refers to aligning your expectations with your desires to create what you want in life. It was a term I've always struggled with, after all what does it mean to align one's self?

Sounded too much like something a mechanic or an astronomer would do for my liking... Not that I have anything against mechanics, or astronomers for that matter. No it was just I couldn't connect with the word, though of course I understood it intellectually.

It simply means that when you have a goal or desire, you get very clear about it and you ask the Universe to bring it to you and then you get out of your own way in order to receive it. Like I said, in theory it's simple; in actuality getting out of our own way is 75% of what blocks our desires from coming to fruition.

Do You Even Believe In Your Desires?

Let me give you an example. You want that new car. That shiny, gleaming automobile, perfect model, perfect make. You've got clear about it. You've fantasied about it. You've even pictured yourself in the driving seat cruising down a traffic-less country lane. Yet it's not here. It's been 6 days/weeks/months. Where's my car dude?

That's where alignment comes in. If you have no idea where the money for the car may come from. If you have no clue how this gift may be delivered to you. If you have no faith that the Universe wants for you what you want for you. Then you are not only not going to believe it's not possible to have your dream car without working extremely hard for it. Your mind is also going to be filled with endless doubts about the how, the when, the where and you are then holding yourself totally out of alignment. Not only that but you'll miss the signs, signals and opportunities that begin to pop up around you, that would bring that dream car to you in magical ways.

Alignment Equals Knowing

So this week I got the true realisation, (another word for knowing, ahem) that being in alignment is simply knowing, without a doubt that what you want is not only possible and probable, it's also inevitable. Like when you go to the bakers for a loaf of bread with more than enough to purchase it; you don't think 'Oh my god is there going to be any bread? How will I pay for it? I probably need to get some biscuits instead- they're cheaper!' This is the equivalent of asking the Universe for something and then panicking. You doubt that what is clearly yours will come to you, and so hold yourself apart from it.

The trust you have to place in your desires manifesting is the same as the trust you have in the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Knowing that night follows day. That woollen coats are for winter and sandals are for summer. You need to feel certain that the how is not up to you.

You're simply in charge of: Asking for what you want and taking only inspired action that feels effortless. The rest isn't up to you.

So if your desire isn't even remotely believable to you it's not going to manifest. You are going to have to start really small or focus on something that you don't have a sense of urgency around or attachment to, initially.

Those less challenging manifestations are the gold dust. They are the evidence that fuel the knowing, the alignment. They will come in ways that feel effortless and exciting. You will automatically know what action to take when it's time to take action and you will have no resistance to it. You will have proof of the Universe working on your behalf to bring your desires to you and you will marvel at the simplicity and genius of it all.

Think Believable Before Majestic!

Then and only then will it be time to go for the BIG dreams using conscious creation techniques. To do it before you get to a place of absolute knowing and certainty that you can have what you truly desire is setting yourself up for failure. I don't want that for you and I'm pretty sure you don't want that for you. Think small, think believable and then make your way up to Majestic!


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