Letting In A Spiritual Partner

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Letting In A Spiritual Partner

letting in a spiritual partne

Letting In A Spiritual Partner Isn't Always Easy

There is no doubt that the spiritual journey can be a profoundly lonely one at times. Which is why there are times when we just want a cuddle. We just want to look directly into the eyes of a warm, breathing, loving and aware; partner.

In our search for wholeness, we can come to believe that it is weak, to truly want to connect with another human being. We can feel that we are being spiritually immature, to feel a need for simple companionship. Needing communion with one who loves us just as we are, for who we are, can be something we judge ourselves for.

After all, don't the gurus and teachers tell us that what we are looking for, is already within us?

That is of course true, but just as our outer world reflects our inner world, then we can also allow that beloved 'other' to enter our experience. Sometimes we hold that embodiment of our own self-love away, simply because we believe that we shouldn't need it.

Part of loving ourselves as we are, is admitting that there's beauty and grace in allowing ourselves a loving companion. There's joy in nurturing ourselves at the deepest levels - which includes waking up next to someone we delight in.

In loving relationships, our vulnerability and fears show up exponentially; to be healed. There is an endless letting go required. Letting go of the need to hold onto, control, or stifle the 'other' person. We might find that we're confronted with our limited aspects head on, but we also understand that these are all part of deepening on our path. Relationships therefore, can be the perfect vehicle for our spiritual deepening and thus don't need to be held away.

It's Okay To Want This

If you've ever felt that a loving spiritual partner is something you shouldn't, want or need, then I urge you to let go of that thought. Something magnificent placed that yearning and desire in your heart. Your heart's wisdom is speaking (nay yelling) to you, to allow yourself to feel the joy of a loving, aware and committed; embrace.

Our inner wisdom knows the joy that a loving, present and aware, companion can bring. It understands that in a world where the term spirituality is often mocked, derided and abused, that a loving port in a stormy world, can make all the difference.

A Positive Reflection

It is good to allow yourself the truly positive reflection that a loving and aware relationship can bring. It is nurturing, and deepening, to explore out true nature through another. It is healing, to experience the recognition that you are loving yourself fully, through another.

It is a blessing to that other, to have you in their world. Why hold yourself apart from it? Why deny the joy of it? Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to let that loving partner in. If you need a selfless reason to do that then know that anything that causes you to feel more lit up also lights up the world!

If you're ready to let in a loving and aware relationship, or if you just want to bring more presence to your current relationship; then I am here to help. Connect


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