Clearing Your Fear Blocks So You Can Take Aligned, Effortless, Empowered, Action!

Guided Meditations

Honouring The Self Meditation

Honouring yourself leads to greater clarity in your decision making and brings a supporting energy to your goals. You're more willing to own and admit what you really want, need and deserve.

You become much more discerning about who you allow into your space and feel more able to set clear boundaries, and stick to them. What you have to give to others, is given more freely, in a much more healthy and self-honouring way. This is the power of knowing, trusting and honouring yourself.

This simple yet effective spiritual ritual, will support you to connect with the aspects of your persona that are not yet quite self-honouring enough.


Honouring The Self

Honouring yourself to gain greater clarity in decision making and to own what you deserve



restless mind meditation

Guided Meditations

From Restless Mind to Peace

There's nothing worse than a noisy mind when you're trying to relax, or go to sleep. You know that energy. The mind is in manic mode. Thought after thought, each one more miserable than the one before! Conjuring up old memories that lead to more thoughts and more feelings of restlessness and frustration.

This soothing guided meditation is perfect to quieten that noisy mind down, and bring you back to a space of peace. Now you can get to sleep, or you can better concentrate on more positive thoughts that calm your worries and fears...

From Restless Mind To Peace

Moving away from the noise of a restless mind, and leading that mind back to a state of peace.



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Guided Meditations

Money Healing Meditation System

This three part meditation system is designed to step by step to help you to look at your money blocks in a new way.

First there's the identification of the block by exploring during the meditation your beliefs around money in an easeful way.

Then there's the releasing of the block now that you know how that block has been manifesting in your life and what it was trying to protect you from, you are then able to see the gift that the primary block you had, contained.

With these insights you are then able to take full advantage of the bonus meditation that guides you to see how you can manifest what you need in more easeful ways.

Ready to try it out?

This highly affordable meditation system will help you shift in ways that feel good to you. Use it and re-use to go deeper as needed and open yourself up to greater prosperity consciousness over time.