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Stepping Into Our Power

Clearing Your Fear Blocks To Create A Life You Love

Stepping Into Our Power

Stepping Into Our Power

Are we willing to let go of our limiting stories?

As we grow on the spiritual path, we’re confronted with anything that may be blocking us from expanding into our greatness even more. This confrontation is necessary in order for us to let go of any ingrained limitations we may be placing upon ourselves.

When I speak about greatness in this way; I’m not speaking of the greatness of worldly achievements – though they are not excluded. Rather, I’m referring to our innate greatness. That constant, aware and loving presence at the centre of our being that needs nothing, fears nothing and wants for nothing.

It is exactly because that presence wants for nothing, that it’s also the space from which we can create anything – anything that is truly in line with our gifts, talents and passions; of course.

Therefore, whenever we’re called to step into our power, we are actually stepping into this space of presence and awareness – often without even knowing it. When we actively do this, anything that denies or resists that greatness is shown again and again, so that it may be released as needed.

You see our fears, doubts and denials cannot live in the space of presence for any length of time. This because they are confronted starkly with their limitations.

In my case, the limiting aspects I’ve been most confronted with, are my stories around masculine and feminine energy. In the broadest terms I’m using masculine energy to describe ‘doing’ energy. That driving force that allows us to follow through on intuitive and inspired thinking.

Feminine energy also in the broadest terms, is all about incubation, intuition and birthing our dreams and desires into the world. Both are needed to create.

With my limiting stories, I was shown that I believed that masculine energy was about manipulation, control and deceit. I wasn’t aware I was holding onto such limiting interpretations.

It was only when I realised I was repeatedly encountering men (and women) who represented this limiting story, that I began to get it. They represented my inner conflicts with the masculine principle, so much so, that the life lessons presenting themselves, began to get my full attention.

The people I encountered seemed to do one thing and say another. Sometimes the women had subtle energies of malice in their interactions, while smiling gently on the surface. Often the men I met sexualised our interactions in some way, while denying with vigour, that this was what they were doing.

Now I had a choice. I could either choose to go into reaction in these encounters, or I could choose to look deeper and see what was really going on within me. That’s the choice we are each confronted with at every level of expansion.

The fact that these men and women were appearing in my experience with greater frequency showed me something was coming up in me to be released.

So my choice was: I could either release this ‘something’ with love; or I could go into victim and fear mode instead.

There was really only one choice available to me. I had to look at whatever residual stories I’d been carrying around about masculine energy in general; in order to value and respect my own masculine energy.

I had to release the fear I had around being manipulated or manipulating others; so that I could continue to take action on my goals. I had to let go of fear of feeling threatened, or judged, if I wanted to share my message on a bigger stage. Those were the lessons these people were providing.

It’s the same for us all. Whatever we’re being confronted with over and over again is a sign that something is coming up to be released. We need to release it in order for us to step into our power with more consistency. In so doing, we allow greater integration.

So what are you being confronted with right now? Whether you’re male or female, there is some story you’re holding onto around a feminine principle.

Which again, in broad strokes terms includes intuition, inspiration, incubation and giving birth to your desires. Perhaps your issue is integrating the masculine principle, taking action, following through, being seen to be powerful.

If we’re holding onto limiting stories around either of these principles, then our lives will be reflecting that back to us. To be clear this delineation is not about being male or female. Men can represent the feminine principle and women can represent the masculine. Our experience of either depends on our early experiences. Who played what role in our family dynamic? How did we then interpret those energies as having impacted us​?

Stepping into our power is about remaining balanced in our expression. It’s about being willing to stay as awareness, even when our stories are playing out uncomfortably on our stage. It’s about being willing to let go of our limiting stories and cultivating self acceptance.

If we continue to resist our growth, then we’re going to feel constriction in our lives. That constriction will come in the form of being confronted with our limited interpretations of reality. As we grow we’re constantly asked to look at what we’re still carrying around as beliefs that no longer serve us.

Stepping into our power then, is about a willingness to release and grow. No matter how difficult that letting go and releasing may feel, it’s the route out of our constriction and into a more expansive state of being.

There are no short cuts.

There is only the decision to be ruthlessly, yet lovingly; honest with ourselves. If we truly want to shift, that is. There must be a willingness to embrace an unchanging truth. This truth states that: Clinging onto our limiting stories and growing on our path; cannot comfortably co-exist.


This article was first published at The Good Men Project. Find it here


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