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Clearing Your Fear Blocks So You Can Take Aligned, Effortless, Empowered, Action!

Chemical Vs. Alchemical Responses To Life

Chemical Vs Alchemical Responses To Life

Our automatic (unaware) responses to life are a series of chemical reactions. We call these responses our personality, our beliefs, our preferences, or just who we are. Thoughts arise and sensations occur, that trigger a chemical response in the brain, which is then felt in the body. This then dictates our reactions to events, people…
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The Spiritual Lesson in Anger

The Spiritual Purpose of Anger

Does anger have a purpose beyond letting us vent and expel built up negative vibrations? Yes it serves many purposes. For example when we feel wronged and are not expressing our truth. Or when our true feelings are not acknowledged, then anger can begin to manifest as a signpost. When we have not responded in…
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Success Is Everywhere!

Success is Everywhere!

Everyone is successful. Success is everywhere. Think about it. Look around you. Look at your own life as an example.  Where in your life do you think you are currently failing? Don’t be ashamed to look at it and name it. We all have some area of our lives where we feel as if we…
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