The Awakening Program

Clearing Your Fear Blocks So You Can Take Aligned, Effortless, Empowered, Action!

"Each and every step of this program reveals something new. Things I didn't know I was still holding on to came up to be looked at. I feel like I've truly let go of so much inner baggage, but it is done with so much love and so much loving acceptance from Yve that it felt like a blessing. I highly recommend the Awakening Program, if you're serious about your path of growth." Jenny


The Awakening Program

The Awakening Program is my groundbreaking 12 week coaching program. It targets all within you that does not believe you are lovable, whole, worthy and complete. Its methodology is simple. It goes deep to the heart of your wounds and heals the misperceptions that keep you stuck,

Its focus is to highlight any area of your life where you feel frustrated, stuck, alone or lost. Its goal is to bring you to a space of balance, peace, perfect potential and groundedness... It might be in your love life, your business or career goals. It could be your health or your family situation. Maybe it's money issues or discovering your life purpose. The program is designed to zone in on whatever area you most need to heal your misperceptions...


How the Program Came About


Awakening Energy - The Awakening Program

Each session of this program came in its perfect order, like Spirit knew exactly, what was needed. (Well hello! Of course it did! ) The program is structured in such a way that each session deepens you, shifts, you, grows you. It releases you from identification with your suffering.

It also connects you with a team of inner consorts who instead of sabotaging your efforts, now work in harmony with you. Their support allows you to bring your intuition, your purpose and your actions into beautiful alignment.

The program culminates in the final session with a beautiful experience of connecting to the truth of who you are. You come to understand why you’re here. You learn why you’ve experienced what you have and where you fit into the scheme of things.

I’m full on in my support throughout the program. I offer additional support between sessions via email that include insights that open you up even more. It has to be said that though each session is 60 minutes, I have been known to go over that if shifts and breakthroughs are happening in the moment. I let Spirit guide me to support you in the most authentic, and nurturing way. 


The full outline of the program can be found in the gallery below 



The program includes six fortnightly sessions, a powerful workbook and my loving and motivating coaching support between sessions. (Max. of 2 support emails per week.) There are payment options available so get in touch if you need this option... If after exploring the program further it feels like a match, a perfect fit, then I truly look forward to working with you.


“I think everyone should take this program! Taking part in the Awakening Program was not only my opportunity to deal with long-standing issues but to also to work with Yve. I felt safe and held to discuss matters and to be challenged to view things from a truthful perspective and welcome all feelings. The program helped me to see a clear pattern and what I needed to understand and learn and the true purpose of my life. There's no going back and my commitment to truth and necessary change has already started. I am stepping up."​​  M. A. Richards


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