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The Awakening Program

Clearing Your Fear Blocks To Create A Life You Love


The Awakening Program

The focus of The Awakening Program is to awaken you to a deeper realisation of who you are without your unhelpful misperceptions. This realisation then naturally has a positive impact on your surface level goals. Allowing you to pursue them from a space of peace, rather than from a place of lack, unworthiness or neediness. As within, so without. This is the unchanging and universal rule of life.


Watch The Video to Hear Yve's Real and Raw Spiritual Journey and Why She Created The Awakening Program



"Each and every step of this program reveals something new. Things I didn't know I was still holding on to came up to be looked at. I feel like I've truly let go of so much inner baggage, but it is done with so much love and so much loving acceptance from Yve that it felt like a blessing. I highly recommend the Awakening Program, if you're serious about your path of growth." Jenny




The Awakening Program

The Awakening Program is my groundbreaking 12 week coaching program. It targets all within you that does not believe you are lovable, whole, worthy and complete. Its methodology is simple. It goes deep to the heart of your wounds and heals the misperceptions that keep you stuck.

Its focus is to highlight any area where you feel frustrated, stuck, or alone. Its goal is to bring you to a space of balance, peace and perfect potential.


Your Presenting Issue: Might be your love life, your business or your career goals. It could be your health, or your familial relationships. Perhaps what's hot for you right now are money issues or wanting to discover your true life purpose. Yet the awakening program's true goal is to go beneath that surface level issue, to discover a deeper block.

That deeper block is ready to awaken. It's desire is to reveal who you are separate from, and in relation to, your surface goal. The Awakening Program zones in on the areas you most need to heal the feelings of unlovability, unworthiness, or abandonment that are at the root of your surface desires.




“I think everyone should take this program! Taking part in the Awakening Program was not only my opportunity to deal with long-standing issues but to also to work with Yve. I felt safe and held to discuss matters and to be challenged to view things from a truthful perspective and welcome all feelings. The program helped me to see a clear pattern and what I needed to understand and learn and the true purpose of my life. There's no going back and my commitment to truth and necessary change has already started. I am stepping up."​​  M. A. Richards



Each session of this program came in its perfect order. Life knew exactly what was needed. The Sessions: Deepen you. Shift you. Grow you. Together The Six Sessions: Loosen your identification with your suffering. Connect you with a team of inner supporters. Bring your intuition, purpose and actions into alignment. 


In The Final Session You Are Guided To: Connect to the truth of your being. Understand why you’re here. Learn about the purpose of your life experiences. See how your life fits into the broader scheme of creation.


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Support During The Program:

I offer my full support throughout the program. I also offer additional support between sessions by checking in with a weekly email. The emails not only address how you're processing the sessions but also include insights that open you up to the experience even more.

I allow my inner wisdom to guide me to support you in the most authentic, and nurturing way throughout the program. My goal is to empower you on your healing journey.

Workbook: The Awakening Program also comes with a transformational workbook. It contains profound insights, higher guidance, powerful questions and the opportunity to review your progress throughout.



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Your investment for this ground breaking 12 week coaching program is an amazing £680.00 This investment includes one individual coaching session each fortnight. A transformative and illuminating workbook. Plus! You will also receive *email support between sessions.  If this calls to you then you'll know. Trust your Knowing... (N.B. There Are Payment Instalment Options Available)


*There are a maximum of two support emails between sessions.*

Ready to Dive In?

Your investment for this ground breaking 12 week coaching program is an amazing £680.00 This investment includes one individual coaching session each fortnight. A transformative and illuminating workbook.

Plus! You will also receive my *email support* between sessions. If after listening to the audio and reading the outline of The Awakening Program then go ahead and dive in! Book your place. 

If not, then simply use the option above to have a free 15 minute consultation with me to find out more about other payment options or to ask any questions you might have.