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The Gathering

Clearing Your Fear Blocks To Create A Life You Love

The Gathering


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Do you sometimes feel disconnected in superficial interactions?

Are you tired of having inauthentic conversations?

Do you feel called to be more authentically you?

Are you willing to have your perceptions challenged?

Do you want to bring greater awareness to your daily actions?

Are you interested in exploring what is unchangingly true?

Then this event is definitely for you! Book Your Place Now.



"You know how to go really deep and yet that depth feels

rich and so empowering. I feel transformed." Beth



Yve Anmore: Writer, Speaker, Spiritual CoachSpiritual Coaching:

Spiritual coaching asks powerful questions and looks at what beliefs we're holding onto  that do not serve the life we say we wish to experience.

It encourages conscious dialogue to allow us to intentionally explore our limiting stories, narrow perceptions and conditioned thinking.

This ground-breaking event creates a space to explore and consciously address these limiting beliefs, perceptions and thinking in ways that feel enlivening and clarity-bringing.

This unique experience has the conscious intention of allowing us to join together to expand our awareness and feel our commonality in innovative ways.

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Conscious Music:

Music opens us up, relaxes us and enlivens our spirit, which is why it is such a big part of The Gathering.

Each song has both a particular focus and a broader focus.

The broader focus is always to remind us of who we are without our layers of conditioning or indoctrination.

Exploration of powerful truths doesn't have to be prescriptive or boring.

The tracks have modern beats, rhythms and harmonies that remind us that we are both in the world, and beyond it. Book Your Place Now.



"That was an amazing workshop! It left me feeling

whole and grateful and full of giggling joy." Emma



Yve Anmore: Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Life CoachGuided Meditation:

Going within together or separately brings greater clarity. It allows us to to see and go beyond our familiar thought patterns.

Guided meditations are a great way that we can join together in consciousness and take an intentional inner journey.

The guided meditation used at The Gathering will always explore our commonality, our share experiences as well as our individual truth.

The intention as always is to bring us into an authentic space of connection and reconnection with who we are with and without our labels, conditionings and beliefs.

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The Gathering in Brighton takes place...  Sign Up to be notified of the next Gathering. Spaces are limited for this exploratory event.

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If conscious conversation, authentic connection, vibing music and spiritual coaching combined, speaks to you then: Book Your Place Now.


*The discounted price is only available for a limited period. Refunds are only available - if requested - for up to 48 hours before event.