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The Matrix Movie Empowered My Inner Neo and Supported My Inner Journey

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The Matrix Movie Empowered My Inner Neo and Supported My Inner Journey

matrix movie empowered my inner neo

I loved The Matrix movie series. Mainly movie no.1 in the series. It spoke to me at so many levels. At the time I was going through extremely challenging experiences. My back was definitely against the wall. I was deep on my spiritual path and I felt alienated from and frustrated with, mainstream thinking.

I no longer understood the world. It all seemed insane to me. I would go out in public and feel as if I was in a SIMS reality. When I walked up the street and saw new shops and cafés open, then being instantly populated by coffee lovers and foodies, it felt surreal.

After all, how many ways are there to eat and drink the same things? It seemed as if people in the world were desperately trying to act as they thought they should act. This is what a good life looks like, this is what successful people do, this is how people who have got it together, behave.

It’s all an act

For me that was the problem. It was all an act. An act that at the time, I had no desire to participate in. If I were going to be on a stage, performing, then I wanted to be in a play that I had written. As Shakespeare so eloquently stated:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

This truth I could see with crystal clarity, but I had not yet deepened enough on my path to be able to feel at peace with the illusion.

So when the movie came out it wasn’t just a breath of fresh air, it was a point of sanity. From the multicultural cast members, to the breath taking visuals, I felt it, I got it. The true underlying message of the movie was what grabbed me most.

Going beyond perceptions

That message being, that when we seek truth and go beyond our small and limited perceptions, we step firmly into our power. We see ourselves as we really are. And when we do, how we see and respond to the world, changes.

The only aspect of the movie that didn’t go far enough to me, was the idea that there was an individual saviour that would save us from ourselves. Without this individual saviour to call upon, then nothing could really change.

I understood that this saviour character inspired others to see their own possibilities, but that character was still something set apart. It was viewed as more special, more powerful, than any of the other characters.

This character became the saviour because it had mastered its own fears and beliefs in its limitations. It had seen through the illusion of life, to what was really true. In so doing, it had accessed its own innate power. For me, that part was the most powerful aspect of the movie.

Accessing my innate power

Yet I knew that we didn’t require a saviour to begin to change our world for the better. Therefore, the true message was that we were to access our own innate power. We could access it by letting go of our own limiting beliefs and doubts about what we could create or transcend.

The movie spoke to my frustrations and fears. It showed me a world where there were people who actively looked deeper and went beyond their labels and conditionings. I related to it deeply and felt empowered to continue on my deep path.

I no longer felt so alone. I still had no one in my world who thought as I did, but that didn’t matter so much anymore. Being here on my own individual journey was the truth I was experiencing and all was just as it should be.

This article was previously published at the Good Men Project

Photo Credit: Image by Josh Riemer on Unsplash


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