The Spiritual Purpose of Anger

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The Spiritual Purpose of Anger

The Spiritual Purpose of Anger

Does Anger Have A Deeper Purpose?

Does anger have a purpose beyond letting us vent and expel built up negative vibrations? Yes it serves many purposes. For example when we feel wronged and are not expressing our truth. When our true feelings are not acknowledged, then anger can begin to manifest as a signpost.

When we have not responded in the most appropriate way to a situation and we are feeling guilty as a result, then anger can be a pointer to that. It can be a guide to remind us to let go of the guilty feeling and instead choose to learn the lesson in the situation.

If we are taking on others' causes for them and not allowing them to learn the lessons of unhelpful choices or behaviour, then anger can show up - as we secretly resent them for not standing up for themselves. Whatever the trigger, anger is only a side effect not the real issue at hand. As it states in the Course in Miracles: "There are only two real emotions. Love and Fear. When we are not in a space of love then we are in a space of fear." This fear can manifest in many different forms, including anger, but whatever the negative emotion, at its root is always fear.

Because our duty to ourselves is to find ways to feel good no matter what. To find ways to raise our vibration, we can avoid the heavy, draining emotions by spotting them in their infancy. In the case of anger it may start as mild irritation. Catch it, then discover its message. What aren't you paying attention to? What situation, person or circumstance has generated fear within you? Identify and deal with it, either at the end of the day or in the moment, if possible. Use any of the various emotion processing tools available. There are many, do some research!

Acknowledge The Emotion

If you haven't caught it at that stage, then it may begin to turn to frustration. So now you have irritation mixed with frustration. You'll probably feel your energy becoming more dense and yet you try to ignore the building emotion. That is not necessary, address it, even if only in your own mind. Acknowledge it and state that you will honour the emotion appropriately. You're not ignoring it so it will begin to decrease and you will have the space and time you need to process it effectively.

Finally if you haven't caught it at the above stages then it is usually going to be expressed negatively. Irritation, frustration and fear combine to create an explosion. A release. If that is the case. Bless this situation, for the explosion (even with negative consequences) brings you back to point zero. Now you have released you can choose again. Choose a better thought. A better feeling. Choose a different future. There is always the opportunity to choose and choose again in every moment.

Anger Is A Powerful Teacher

Anger at its core is teaching us to choose to be in control of our thoughts and feelings. To choose how we respond to ANY situation in our lives no matter how potentially negative that situation may be. Until we learn to choose a different more affirming emotion then anger will be our ally our challenger. It's role? To help us to step in to our greatness...


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