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We Are the Spiritual Ego

Clearing Your Fear Blocks To Create A Life You Love

We Are the Spiritual Ego

This article ‘We Are the Spiritual Ego’ is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Musings on the Path” a collection of essays, articles, poetry and parables that share the wisdom and practical application of The Path of the Open Heart. In The Path, *Profound Love is the name given to that all-pervading love at the heart of existence. It is also referred to as The Surrendering Energy. Subscribe to be one of the first to be notified when the book is released or Pre-Order your copy now.


The spiritual ego believes itself to be on a never-ending journey towards wholeness. It is the part of the mind that’s trying to discover who and what, it really is. It greatly desires to have a true experience of awakening. It does not realise that it is being systematically and simultaneously uplifted and dismantled, by profound and unchanging love. It doesn’t see that even as its games and tactics of ‘trying to awaken’ are observed, that they are noted but not judged. It doesn’t get that its dismantling, coincides with its transcendence.

The transcendence arises through accepting the healing force of Profound Love in our lives. It is Profound Love that is calling to us to become aware of our thought processes without judgement. Even the ego’s fearful responses – in the hands of this divine element, becomes a tool used to illustrate the contrasting sensations of residing in peace or contracting in fear.

This contrast often appears in our lives as a sense of going back and forth, back and forth, in our awareness. It may feel as if we’re human ping-pong balls being bounced around between peace, knowing, fear and doubt. This dramatic experience of complete contrast may make it seem as if we’re not making any real progress on our path. Yet this is not true, for our unfolding is inevitable and progressive in nature.

Once we have stepped into a space of greater awareness then we are never quite the same and we cannot willingly return to unconsciousness. We may however, end up feeling confused and drained at times because our ego is being dismantled, one reluctant and resistant thought at a time. The ego self has to work harder and harder to have an impact on our growing sense of connection. It has to become more and more intense, to undermine our (its) growing self-love.

Its tendency to move through the world using the tools of attack and defence are being observed and explored by the greater sensing of Awareness.

No! says the ego, not explored?!

Yes, explored, and shown to be based on our thoughts about things
(usually negative) and not the thing itself.

Yet what is really going on in this enchanted dance, is that we are growing into an awareness that we are, the spiritual ego. We’re coming to accept that whenever we believe we are simply our names, our age, our race, our status and our stories; that we’re the disbelieving entity, believing itself to be separate from Profound Love. We call this disbelieving entity our ego – which enhances our sense of separation.

It gives us yet another label to attach to our True Self. We believe that: There is this ‘thing inside of me’ that is sabotaging me and there is this ‘force outside of me’ declaring itself to be Profound Love and ‘I’m’ somewhere in between the two. In fact, we are all of it. The ego, the observer and Profound Love – though of course, Profound Love is us in our most unbounded; form.

We can’t see how our ego’s critical and judgemental responses are being lovingly dissolved and challenged by Profound Love.
We don’t recognise until much later that we’re becoming less caring about what others think of us. We don’t acknowledge that there is nothing that we as our ego selves, are actively doing. In fact, all we were ever actively doing was surrendering.

In this period of expansion, we may still find it hard to accept at an egoic level, that anything that is unloving in its expression and belief cannot be who we really are. We struggle to embrace that our unlovingness is simply a façade that we get to wear as part of our journey.

In fact, without it there’d be no journeying, for we would already know that we are Profound Love, playing a game of Awakening with itself. We’d know that we are the creators of, and believers in, our fears and doubts. We would understand that we’re the ones having a sense-experience of unknowing. We’re the ones believing in the idea that we are slowly becoming more awake.

These are all aspects of our selves that play themselves out simply by our believing wholeheartedly in our egoic being. We believe ourselves into being an ego on a never-ending spiritual journey. It is this paradox that we struggle to come to terms with.

The baffling truth is, that it is us, believing in a separate and unrelated ego that gives it power. We, are the claiming of a spiritual ego that is dissolving into its true nature. Yet in fact, it is only our perceived separateness from profound and unchanging love that is being dissolved.

Our limiting stories about ourselves are being lovingly and deliberately challenged by this energy so that we can clearly perceive that we are not our egoic stories. What is actually changing and shifting is the stripping away. The energy is stripping us away from our identification with those stories. What appeared to be a separate egoic being prior to this; reveals itself as being us, all along. Us, simply believing in powerful stories that were created just for this purpose.

What’s left after each of these moments of dissolving and unlocking? What is left is Profound Love unmasking Itself moment by moment. It is Profound Love that is continuously calling Its ‘egoic remnants’ home.

Unceasingly and unendingly, this love permeates us and dissolves us into a recognition of our true form. It blesses us on our elusive journey to nowhere – that mysterious journey we call home.

Image by:  William Farlow on Unsplash


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