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Awakened Coaching: Clearing Your Fear Blocks so You Can Create A Life You Love

"That was an amazing workshop! It left me feeling whole and grateful and full of giggling joy." Emma


Yve Anmore Writer, Speaker, Life and Spiritual Coach

Yve Anmore is a spiritual life coach who works primarily with conscious creatives, spiritual seekers and conscious entrepreneurs who value and want to create a life they love. A life that feels authentic, nurturing and true to who they really are.

Her talks focus on creating a life we love using the power of awareness - not only to identify what we would like to create, but also to reveal the deeply embedded inner blocks that may be holding us back.

Yve's basic premise is that we all have mind stories, limiting beliefs or conceptual thinking that actively prevents us from creating a life we love.

With clarity, insight and passion she shares how we often try to ignore the inner signals that show there's a deeply embedded inner block at play.

She highlights how we often try to push, force, and work really, really, hard to bypass those blocks. For many, that forcing approach not only doesn't work, but it actually shuts them down and embeds those inner blocks even further, making them harder, if not impossible, to breakthrough.

In her talks she highlights that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to creating a life you love. That using awareness to focus on who we are, what stories run our lives and a willingness to own our unique expression, is paramount. Yve explores how we can identify our unique gifts as well as our unique blocks. Her aim is to reach out to those who may be more sensitive, intuitive, spiritual, creative, or outside-the-box, in their thinking. They, in particular, can find creating a life they love to be more challenging, because what they love and how they love to create it, isn't supported by current societal systems.

She is the author of: 'Musings On the Path' A powerful sharing of the Path of The Open Heart: Through the medium of  essays, articles, poetry and even modern-day parables. Coming in 2019. She's had articles published in New Spirit Journal, The Wellness Universe and Sivana East. She's currently a weekly columnist and editor at The Good Men Project.   One Sheet Speakers Bio



Speaking Topics Include:


Creating A Conscious Relationship With Life:

In this presentation Yve looks at what is required for us to have a conscious relationship with life. She has identified 5 key elements that cause us to consciously relate with, and to, life. They are:

1. The Surrender
2. Radical Awareness
3. Radical Forgiveness.
4. Conscious Intention
5. Undefendedness

We'll explore just how many of these elements are currently active in the audience (and presenter's) lives and how we can better embody these energies in our everyday experience.


True Success Comes From Within

This inspiring talk looks at the impact of Radical Inner Work on outer success. What is radical inner work? What is success? How do the two meet and merge?

Your Inner Blocks:

- Grow you when they're confronted
- Support you once they're integrated
- Impact every area of your life.

Therefore, ignoring your inner blocks is not a healthy option. What would our worlds look like if we were willing to embrace and perhaps even celebrate those blocks? Yve explores this topic with humour, insight and a gritty dedication to going beyond accepted ideas around identity.


The Power of Awareness

Awareness is the key to everything!

-We take action from our level of awareness
-We think from our level of awareness
-We react from our level of awareness

But do we create with awareness? Are we even aware of our awareness levels? For some the answer is no, but for an increasing number of creatives, artists and entrepreneurs the power of living with and from awareness becomes a life experiment too great to miss! Can a life lived with radical awareness be the greatest adventure there is?



"Working with Yve enables a gentle entry into the core of emotional triggers and relationship dynamics, examining ‘jagged edges’ and releasing pain. I found it to be deeply healing especially as it ended with the catharsis of fun and laughter. I heartily recommend Yve to all those in need of love and healing." Goldie



Additional Topics:

Healing Your Limiting Stories

Trusting The Uniqueness of Your Path


Previous Speaking Invites Include:

International Women's Day – Brighton Dome | QuintaSensual – Compton Dundon | Black History Month Events – Sussex | Love Spirit Festival – London | Women's Conference - Portugal



"You know how to go really deep and yet that depth feels rich and so empowering. I feel transformed." Beth



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